Movement Tip: The L-Sit

Movement Tip: The L-Sit

CrossFit Seminar Staff members Julie Foucher and James Hobart demonstrate the L-sit, which is a challenging core and hip flexor exercise. It can be performed on bars or rings – first you will need to develop strength in a front support position, then you can bring your legs into the chest and eventually you should be able to take first one and then both legs out in front of you into a full L-sit. Tucking your tail bone under and leaning into the L-sit rather than tipping slightly backwards will help to engage the deep core muscles and hold this position.

Points Of Performance

  • Bars or rings set approximately shoulder-width apart
  • Arms remain extended
  • Push into the bars or rings with shoulders down
  • Keep legs extended and raise feet to hip level or above
  • Modify difficulty by bending one, or both, legs to the chest

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