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Why you can’t lost weight part II

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Part II

5: Your Diet
If you consistently eat the wrong food, then you’re weight loss efforts will all be in vain. To put it bluntly, you need to stop eating junk. Processed foods, refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup do not belong in your diet if you want to be in great shape. Cut these items out of your diet and replace them with real whole foods like lean meats, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fruits.
Don’t eat processed foods. Even though processed foods are accepted by our society, they contain tons of chemicals and empty calories that will make you sick and fat.
Fat contains twice the caloric density of protein and carbohydrates, so make sure to limit the amount that you consume.
Eat lots of lean proteins and wholesome carbohydrates from plants and whole grains.

6: Your Patience
It takes time to transform your body from fat to fit, even though you want it to happen overnight. Remind yourself that it took time to put the weight on, so it will take time to take the weight off. When you find your patience wavering, or when you encounter a frustrating plateau, do the following:
Review your goal. Is it specific and measurable? Is it small and attainable, rather than monumental? Focus on your goal when the going gets tough.
Make each workout a new experience. Challenge your body with different resistance, new exercises and a varied pace.
Remember that anyone can have one great workout, but that won’t get you the body you want. The only way to achieve your goal is by consistently exercising and eating right, plain and simple.

7: Your Support
People who exercise alone are less challenged, less accountable and are more likely to fail. It makes sense. Who would rush to the gym if no one is was waiting for them? Who would push themselves if no one was paying attention? Exercising alone is a recipe for disaster.
Find a workout partner who is in better shape than you, or better yet, work with me, your local fitness expert, to guarantee your results.
I am passionate about seeing you achieve results – don’t waste your time, energy and effort on mistakes.
When you start a program with me, you suddenly have the upper hand on weight loss. I’ll be in your corner, coaching you each step of the way, keeping you accountable to workouts and giving you that dose of encouragement when you need it most.
Get serious about your results and begin the last weight loss program that you’ll ever do.

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Is it time for change for you? If not NOW, WHEN? How long will you put it off for? When it is too late??

By: Scott Williams
Family man & CrossFit Coach
Owner/ Head Coach
CrossFit SFS

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