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Wed 9/5/18 – Child Minding for Canberra Gym members

By Scotty 0

Are you struggling to find a gym/ CrossFit box in Canberra that will look after your kids whilst you train??

Here at CrossFit SFS, we have FREE child minding running 6 days a week!

Also we have a lounge and kids room for all the kids to hang out at anytime whilst you train.

Come on out and join our family, with over 40 classes a week to choose from – 45min HIIT class, Gymnastics, Strength CrossFit classes & Weightlifting.

CrossFit SFS workout of the day

Warm Up
4 Sets – Focus on control of each movement – move slow and deliberately
6-8 Half Kneeling Single Arm KB Press @ 2111 tempo
rest 30sec
12 Banded Monster Walks (forward and backward)
rest 30sec
20sec ea side hand plank

Lifting (week 2 of OHS progression)
Pause OHS (3 sec in the hole)
5 x 5 @ 60% last weeks 3rm OHS

5 Rounds:
10 OH lunges 20/10kg
15 Strict Upright Rows 30/20kg
5 Ring Muscle Ups
Option : 9 strict pull ups + 9 strict ring dips

author: Scotty


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