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Wed 7/11/18 : Gymnastics Canberra

By Scotty 0

Looking to build on your strength, fitness as well as your gymnastics?

CrossFit is a great way to cover all of those domains. Come on out to CrossFit SFS Canberra and try it out!

Warm Up
30 skips
10 x Kipping Swings
10 x Alternating Leg V-Ups (5 each leg)
5 x Strict Pull-ups (use band if needed)
10 x Lunges
10 x Kipping Swings
10 x Alternating Leg V-Ups (5 each leg)
5 x Close Grip Push-Ups
10 x Lunges

Strength/ Skill (15-35 mins):
Gymnastics Strength Work:

Option A:
5 sets of:
1-2 Strict Muscle Up + 3-4 Strict Ring Dips

Option B:
2 Banded Muscle Up Transitions (seated) + 5 Banded Ring Dips (band under knees)

Option C:
4 sets of –
Max False Grip Strict Ring Rows (feet on floor or box)
Rest 1 min
Max Banded Ring Dips or Push-ups
Rest 1 min

Monday’s workout involved some MU in a workout setting, today we are working on some similar movements but in a Strength setting
Choose the option that allows you to be challenged significantly but still successfully complete the work with good technique
The best way to improve your gymnastics is to find the right blend of challenge and technique, you need a mix of the two to progress

WOD (35-50 mins):
AMRAP 12 mins:
10 Deadlifts (102.5/70kg)
10 T2B

Scaling Options:
Deadlift: reduce weight
T2B: Straight leg raises (T2B attempts), hanging knee raises, V-Ups (floor), AbMat sit-ups (15 reps)

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