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Wed 6/3 : FREE WEEK trial at Canberra Gym

By Scotty 0

We have a FREE week trial to any of our Strive 45 HIIT or CrossFit classes here at our fitness facility in Hume.

Simply send us an email and we will get you started – click the image

CrossFit SFS workout of the day

Warm Up (5-15 mins):
Leg Swings x 10 each leg, forwards and backwards
Shoulder Protraction & Retraction on pull-up Bar (inactive Hang- Active Hang) x 10
Cossack Squat x 10 (slow & controlled)
Kipping Swing x 10 reps
Banded Good Morning x 20 reps
Banded Bent Over Row (hold each end of band in hands and stand on middle of band) x 20 reps
Plank Hold x 30 sec


DL warm up (reset on floor for each rep today

1 x 5 (light)
2 x 3 (moderate)
2 x 2 (heavy-ish)

Then, work up to your 1rm

Strength/ Skill (15-35 mins):
20 mins to find your 1rm

WOD (35-55 mins):
AMRAP 20 mins:
Run 400m
Max reps Pull-Ups

Scaling Options:
Run: Row 450/400m or Assault Bike 30/20 cals
Pull-up: band pull-up, ring row, jumping Pull-up (20 reps max per round)

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