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Wed 30/1 : Choices at Canberra Gym

By Scotty 0

We all have choices in life!

What you do day in, day out will determine the results you get.
The same applies to the choices you make each day you come to CrossFit SFS, Canberra.

Each day you come to SFS you should be coming with a goal in mind. Whether to be a little bit fitter, maybe a little bit stronger, burn a few more calories than yesterday or work on a weakness and get some new drills to work on, but each day set yourself up for success with a goal in mind for the session!

Warm Up (5-15 mins):
Tabata Mash-up:
Inchworms (no push-up)
Plank Hold
Single Leg RDL (alternating legs)
Glute Bridge
*20 sec on/ 10 sec off, alternating between movements for 4 sets of each (16 sets total)

Single leg RDL:

Strength/ Skill (15-35 mins):
7 x 2

WOD (35-50 mins):
For time:
Run 400m
21 Deadlifts (102/70kg)
21 C2B Pull-ups
Run 400m
15 Deadlifts (102/70kg)
15 C2B Pull-ups
Run 400m
9 Deadlifts (102/70kg)
9 C2B Pull-ups

Time cap: 15 minutes

Scaling Options:
Run: Row 500/400m or Assault Bike 30/20 cals
Deadlift: Reduce weight or ROM
C2B Pull-up: Pull-up, jumping pull-up, banded Pull-up, ring row

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