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Wed 22/2/17 – SFS Challenge Crew Canberra

By Scotty 0

Well we have a stack of people here at CrossFit SFS on the 45 day challenge with The Chief Life, really looking forward to seeing everyone over the coming weeks and how it all plays out for each of you.

Remember we are only giving some stuff up for a short period of time, then we can look at introducing some of it back in, stay the course, work hard and your efforts will be rewarded.

Gymnastics Conditioning
8 Strict C2B
8 C2B
8 Bar Muscle-ups (or 8 transitions)
Rest 1:00 between rounds

Strength – 12 mins
6 x 8 deads @ 75% 1rm
rest 1 min

Cond 1
10sets of 10 TTB (or a number you can hold unbroken)
30 sec rest after each

Cond 2
5 x 15 cals assult rest 1:1

Home WOD

Buy in
35 Burpees
3 rounds
12 tricep push ups
15 V Ups
18 air squats (wide stance)

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