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Wed 21/2/18 : CrossFit Open still time to register

By Scotty 0

As most of you know here at CrossFit SFS Canberra we will be running the CrossFit Open workouts, with our Friday Night Lights and also on the Saturday.

We would love as many of you as possible to jump on and join in the fun. ALL workouts will be totally scaled to your skill level and it is a great way to experience a comp without going anywhere!

Also, it is great for our community, as we can jump in and cheer each other on.


Warm up
500m row
2 rounds
10 Cossack squats broom
10 pass thru
5 snatch balance Bar (broom)

Lifting :
2 snatch (heavier ea set, you choose load)

Cond :
3 rounds For Time:
400m run
9 CTB (9 pull ups) {9 ring rows}
6 Squat Clean 60/40kg

Mobility or

Accessories if time
A. Gymnastics for quality
3 rounds
30 sec top of ring holds
30 sec bottom of ring holds
30 sec chin over bar holds (overhand grip)
*accumulate if you can’t hold

B. Core
3 rounds, 30 sec each
Hollow rocks
Side hold (L hand)
Side hold (R hand)
V snaps

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