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Wed 21/11 : SFS Xmas Party

By Scotty 0

Looking forward to catching up and letting the hair down team!

SFS Christmas Party
When : Sat 22nd Dec
Where: Rose Cottage
Time : 3pm onwards

SFS Workout of the day

Warm Up
Easy 5 min AMRAP:
5 x V-Ups or Tuck-Ups
4 x Kick up to Handstand on wall (hold for 2-3 seconds at top)
3 x Burpees


Chest Stretching, 60 sec per side
Tricep Stretch in band, 60 sec per side

Strength/ Skill (15-25 mins):
Strict Handstand Push-up
3 x Max reps


Box Pike Strict Handstand Push-up
3 x Max reps


Seated DB Strict Press
3 x Max reps

Today’s focus is the HSPU
Our strength work is strict HSPU or a scaling equivalent designed to strengthen and build endurance into your pressing for the movement in workouts
3 x max effort sets
Rest until you feel recovered (minimum of 2-3 mins rest between each set)

WOD (25-50 mins):
4 x AMRAP 5 mins:
Run 400m
50 Air Squats
Max reps HSPU in time remaining

Rest 2 mins between each round

Scaling Options:
Run: Row 500/400m or Assault Bike 25/20 cals
Air Squat: Reduce reps to 40 or 30 per round
HSPU: Reduce ROM, box pike HSPU, wall climb, Pushups, DB Press/ DB Push Press

Our workout today is a longer workout, but that doesn’t mean you should be going slow
The idea is to maximise your time for HSPU
Run as fast as possible and try to get through your squats quickly (ideally these would be unbroken)
If you cannot run 400m in under 2:30, scale the distance
You want at least 30 sec of time on the HSPU each round
If you aren’t getting there, scale your air squat reps back to 40 or 30 to accomodate for time on the wall
HSPU can be strict or kipping, your choice
Rest 2 mins between each round
Your score is the total HSPU you score in the workout

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