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Wed 17/2/16 CrossFit Games 2016 Canberra

By Scotty 0

If you want to step it up a notch and get that one on one attention, both Jamie and I are available for PT sessions here @ CrossFit SFS: ENQUIRE HERE

It is hard for us to get right down to the nuance’s of some movements during the classes, Personal Training is a great way to work on some specific’s and work on any

weaknesses that you may have, grab either one of us if you are keen!!

We are always here to help!!

or if you are having some troubles working out goals/direction/life, then please talk to Lisa and arrange a time to catch to work through that, Lisa will hold a seminar soon so stay tuned..

Halting or pause Power snatch @ the top of the knee
*pause for a good deliberate 2-3 seconds then with out a run up continue to power snatch
3, 2, 1, with 2min rest between each set.


Back Squat 9, 6, 3
*Increase weight each set
**Don’t really max out till the final set


10min AMRAP
10 hand release push ups (advanced HSPU)
10 pull ups (advanced chest to bar)
20 double unders

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