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Wed 16/8/17 – Fitter/Faster/Stronger @ Canberra Gym

By Scotty 0

Just wanted to say awesome effort from everyone over the last training block.

With some great results from you with the testing last week here at CrossFit SFS. So many PB’s and faster times, in our testing pieces really proves just how far you have all come.

Deload week and then we are back into another cycle of strength, gymnastics skill work..

Keep up the great work gang!

Lifting – complex EMOM 8
1 x power clean + hang squat clean + Jerk
*add weight ea set until fail

AMRAP 14min
12 deadlift 100/70kg
9 casl rower
6 shoulder to overhead 22.5/15kg DB
50 double under

Accessory 10 min
Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat
4×8 each leg @ heavier than last week
Glute Ham Raise or Nordic Curls
3×5-6 (more reps or slower tempo than last week)

author: Scotty


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