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Wed 15/2/17 – Shed Space to rent in Hume

By Scotty 0

As most of you know by now we are looking to expand here at CrossFit SFS.

So with that I am looking for someone to come in and set up a business within CrossFit SFS.

Keeping the options open but would look at the following:

Powerlifting / Strength Coach
Yoga Instructor
Personal Trainer
Boxing Coach

Depending on what you are after, there are also possible options for your own space and set up within CrossFit SFS (parkor, Ninja Warrior, boxing studio etc would be a great set up)

If any of this is of interest to you then hit me up: contact me

SFS WOD for the day:

EMOM 10 mins
Odd: strict c2b
Even: strict HSPU (2″ deficit RX+)
Pick a number for each you can keep unbroken

30 burpee box jump overs 24″/20”
30 power snatch 60/40kg
50 cal row
30 mtr HS walk (30 Shoulder taps)
Time Cap: 15:00

Accessory Work
5 rounds for Quality
10 BB row 45/30kg
20 push ups

author: Scotty


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