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Wed 10/1/18 – Kid’s Fitness in Canberra

By Scotty 0

Don’t forget we have our kid’s fitness School holiday program running at CrossFit SFS Canberra for the next month, be sure to contact us to not miss out.

Also we will be back to Mon & Wed arvo kid’s sessions from week 1 of the school term, registrations are now open for that : Kid Fit School Term

CrossFit SFS session of the day:

Warm up
500m row
2 rounds
30 sec ea banded hip distraction
5 back squat bar
5 good mornings
5 strict press

Lifting : Back Squats
1 set ea
6/4/2 reps
start at 80% and go up 5% ea lift

Cond :
wall balls 9/6kg
box jump
push press 50/35kg
assult bike cals
* goal here is to be able to hit multiple sets of push press reps under fatigue, aim to be able to do 7-10 reps unbroken.
pacing : aim to hit the wall balls hard then slow pace down on the box jumps, high rep cycling on the bar and then decide how hard to go on the bike, bear in mind you need to be able to get straight to the wall ball and get the reps done (not the place to rest)!


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