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CrossFit SFS – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Rounds

200m run/row

10ea Banded External rotations

30s Rig Hang with Shrugs

200m Run

Skill touches on RMU tech

– tight kip swing

– Hip to ring swings

Metcon (No Measure)

Coaches Timing: 15:00-30:00

Muscle Up EMOM (SKILL)


1) 1-8 Ring Muscle Ups

2) 30s Hollow Hold

Scaling Options

4-8 Strict Ring Pull ups (band if needed) OR 4-8 Transition on low rings
Our first piece today is going to be centered around building our gymnastics competence and volume

– Those who have ring muscle ups will be looking to do 1-8 reps depending on their capacity, we want this to be repeatable but quality.

– the second minute will be a 30s hollow hold to reinforce some positions.

– For those who don’t yet have RMU we’ll either be working on developing the strength to do one with some strict ring pull ups, or the patterns to do them with some transitions

Metcon (No Measure)

Coaches Timing: 30:00-50:00


i) 12/9 cal AB

ii) 10-15 CTB

rest 2:00


i) 12/9 cal Row

ii) 10-15 Thrusters @40/30kg

Scaling Options:

CTB: pull ups, 1/2 reps strict with band, ring rows

Thrusters: reduce load, use DB’s


There is NO measure today, what I want is for you to move well and move with purpose on all movements. Find a rep/calories scheme that is challenging yet achievable every set
Our metcon is split between two EMOMs, the focus is on building some capcity in two commonly seen movements under some fatigue from the machines.

The rep range will allow you to choose a set size that you can handle without blowing up

Make sure you put effort into the machines and don’t just use them as rest.

author: Scotty


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