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Tues 6th Oct

By Scotty 0

Huge shout out to ASN for all the athlete packs going out this weekend. Thanks for the ongoing support!!

SKILL (8mins)
All levels 8 minutes
dedicated skill practice all muscle ups
Novice athletes work on the strength component that you are lacking the strict pull ups or ring dips
Intermediate and advanced athletes work on either bar or ring muscle ups. Which ever movement you are worse at performing

SPEED (8mins)
10 sets of 10-15 m sprint at 100% slow walk back recovery

STRENGTH (10mins)
Back Squat
3 @ 70, 3 @75, 3@ 80, 3 @ 85%

For time
there are three parts to this workout and each part is for time
1-1 km row
2-150 wall balls
3-1 km row
*please note this is one workout scored with three different split times.

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