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Tues 3/7/18 : Gymnastics Classes for CrossFit in Canberra

By Scotty 0

Just in case you didn’t know we run specific gymnastic classes for CrossFit here at CrossFit SFS, every Mon & Thurs @ 7pm & sat @ 8am.

Anyone is welcome!

Warm Up
2 rounds
2 lap run shed
6 ea bottoms up KB press
4 ea KB cossack squats 12/8kg
5 ea OH KB Lunge 12/8kg

Strength– (week 2) – 10 min
4 x 45ea leg Dbl KB front rack walking lunges 24/16kg
4 x 10 GHD sit ups (½ if needed) or AB mat sit ups

For time:
80 Wall Balls
Rest 2min
40 Bar Facing Burpees
Rest 2min
20 Hang Power Snatch 50/35kg

Accessory Gymnastics (week 1)
4 x 20 sec dish/arch on bar
4 x 5 candlestick roll ups ( )

Here’s a quick drill to improve the transition positions in your kipping muscle-ups.

What relevance does it have to CrossFit? It’s a great skill transfer for higher level movements, like muscle-ups.

The candlestick roll is similar to the transition piece of the muscle-up.

The goal of this movement is to create power and momentum by driving your heels down and backward, in order to stand up properly from the candlestick roll (while transferring to a successful transition and finish to a ring muscle-up).

A common fault in the muscle-up is athletes getting stuck in the transition, because their legs are out front, blocking them from finishing the turn over.
We need to get the knees out of the way, so you can complete the full transition over the top of the rings.
Think of this— as you’re transitioning, your shoulders are coming over the top of the rings, your hips are sitting under the rings or slightly behind, and your legs should be driving backward.
Look at practicing some candlestick rolls and understanding what it means to transfer your energy. Think shoulders over, hips under.

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