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Tues 30/1/18 – SFS Challenge Canberra

By Scotty 0

Still got spots left to join the SFS Challenge here in Canberra. With amazing meal plans done for you by The Chief Life, this will be a great six weeks!

Join the ‘tribe’ and you’ll receive:

✔ Full access to CrossFit SFS and all the sessions
✔ Your OWN Meal plans & recipes specific for your needs (led by The Chief Life)
✔ Shirt or Muscle Tee of your choice from Weights and Mates apparel
✔ Weekly PT/life coaching session
✔ Seminars
✔ Before & after photos (your responsibility)
✔ Before and after body composition scans
✔ Weekly group training sessions
✔ Online community forum
✔ Group off site sessions – walks/ adventure trek’s etc…
✔ 5 x weekly Home Workouts in case you can’t make the gym
✔ Prizes for the winners

So what are you waiting for?? register NOW

SFS Workout of the Day:

Warm Up
500m row
2 rounds
5 ea KB thrusters
8 1 arm ring rows
20 hand to forearm planks

Gymnastics: 8 min
TTB practice

Strength: EMOM 6
1 front squat @ 85-90%

Cond : EMOM 18
Min 1: 15/10 cals assult
Min 2: 12 burpees
Min 3: 10 DB lunges 22.5/15kg

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