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Tues 27/10/15 – CrossFit for Canberra Mum’s

By Scotty 0

We have CrossFit SFS flat brim hats now in stock in time for Summer, talk to Scott or Lisa to grab one, also we have some leftover Unbroken shirts from the 2015 Capital Unbroken Challenge for just $25 ea, we all know how good the Unbroken shirts are!!!

POWER (17min total)
Build to a heavy POWER clean in a short amount of time
EMOM 10mins
2 POWER cleans @ 80% + 2 explosive burpees for max height each jump

STRENGTH (12mins)
Build to a heavy FRONT squat quickly (8mins or less)

Every minute on the minute for 12mins
Run 100m
2 burpees
Max front squats @ 60% (B)
*Bar taken from the ground
**Score…. total front squats

Did you know that we have child minding at our 9.30am class for the Canberra Mum’s and bubs.

If you just want that 1 hour off to train then we can help you out at NO extra cost to you!! So why not come and give it a go @ CrossFit SFS and join our family owned gym..

Scott & Lisa Williams
Owners, CrossFit SFS, Hume ACT

author: Scotty


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