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Tues 26/3: Strength & Gymnastics @ Canberra Gym

By Scotty 0

Want to learn how to be efficient & stronger at Olympic Lifting? Maybe learn how to get stronger for some gymnastics based movements?

Then NOW is the time to sign up at CrossFit SFS, Hume as we start a new program working on all of the above.

Also, don’t forget we run gymnastics specif classes every Mon & Thurs @ 7pm

FREE week for anyone brand new to come and go through the Foundations and try it out!

CrossFit SFS workout of the Day

Warm Up (5-15 mins):
3 rounds of:
60 sec on a machine of your choice
10x Empty Barbell Good Mornings
5 x Inchworm with 2 x shoulder taps at bottom of each rep
10 x Step Ups


3 rounds:
5 x Deadlifts (add weight each round)
4 x Push-ups
3 x Box Jumps

WOD (20-50 mins):
AMRAP 30 mins:
5 Deadlifts (125/85kg)
13 Push-Ups
9 Box Jumps (24/20”)

Scaling Options:
Deadlift: reduce weight
Push-up: reduce reps per round if needed (eg. 8 reps), knee push-up, push-up to a target
Box jump: reduce height, step up (10 reps per round)

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