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Tues 23/4 : Want to lose the last few kilo’s?

By Scotty 0

Step #1: Eliminate The Sugar
Step #2: Eat Small Frequent Meals
Step #3: Increase Workout Intensity

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Warm Up (5-25 mins):
2 rounds with a DB:
5 x DB Strict Upright Row (per arm)
5 x DB Strict Press (per arm)
5 x DB Windmill (per arm)
15 x Hollow Rocks or 15 sec Hollow Body hold

2 rounds:
10 x Kipping Swings on Bar or Rings
3 x Wall Climbs with 5 sec hold at top position
5 x One Arm Russian KB Swings (per arm, use lighter weight)

2 rounds:
5 x Hip Pop to Bar/Ring Drill
5 x Kick Up to Handstand against wall
5 x Russian KB Swings (workout weight)

WOD (25-45 mins):
AMRAP 20 minutes:
2 Muscle Ups
8 KB Swings (32/24kg)

Scaling Options:
Muscle Up: reduce reps to 1 per round, bar MU, banded MU (ring or bar), jumping MU (ring or bar), 2 Strict C2B Pull-up + 2 Strict Ring Dip (scale these movements back further as needed)
HSPU: reduce reps to 3 or 2, reduced ROM (abmat), box pike HSPU, 2 x wall climbs, DB Press or push Press
KB Swing: reduce weight, Russian Swing

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