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Tues 19/12/17 – Amazing athletes at CrossFit SFS

By Scotty 0

Well what can I say about these two amazing athletes.

It has been a pleasure to watch & train with both Kylie & Joel over the years.

Both these athletes put their heart and soul into their chosen sports of CrossFit & Weightlifting.

I cannot be more proud of the effort, dedication and desire of these two and so proud to have them as part of the CrossFit SFS & Strive Weightlifting team.

Unfortunately for Kylie, she missed out on a return trip to the Commonwealth Games & for Joel finished with a 27th place overall at the Dubai Fitness Championship’s amongst some of the best athletes in the world.

CrossFit SFS WOD of the Day

Warm up
2 rounds
200m run
5 tempo plate squats 5555
10 hollow rock
10 push up
10 lunges

6min EMOM
3-5 ring dips

Lifting – 15 mins (wk 2 of 4)
5 X 2 Hang Squat Cleans @80%

Conditioning : 11 min AMRAP
5 ea 1 arm KB press 24/16kg
7 cals row
9 deads 100/70kg
*scale as needed

author: Scotty


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