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Tues 18/12 : Queanbeyan Blues Strength and Conditioning

By Scotty 0

Been a great start to the Pre Season with the Queanbeyan Blues here in Canberra for the 2019 season.

We have set up a great mix of various distance running drills, combined with a solid variation of conditioning to give the teams a break from just running all the time.

CrossFit SFS workout of the day

Warm Up (5-15 mins):
2 rounds:
Easy 200m Jog
5 x Inchworm (no push-up)
10 x Glute Bridges with pause at top position
20 sec Side Plank, each side
5 x Broad Jumps for max effort

Strength/ Skill (15-30 mins):
5 x 3

Today’s strength work is 5 x 3 Deadlifts
This shouldn’t be a “max out” day but more of a high quality heavy day
Try to touch & go your reps and keep them as strong as possible
A good sign of strong deadlifting is a quiet touch of the floor, not a giant crashing bounce – this indicates good control over the barbell
You can either hold a weight across all sets or build up
Rest for approximately 2 mins between your sets

WOD (30-55mins):
5 x AMRAP 3 mins:
Run 200m
15 Power Cleans (52/35kg)
Max reps Box Jumps (24/20”)

Rest 2 mins after each round

Rx+: 62/43kg

Scaling Options:
Run: Row 250/200m or Assault Bike 15/10 cals
Power Clean: reduce weight, Hang Power Clean, use dumbbells
Box Jump: reduce box height, step up

The workout today is an interval workout
You have to run fast to maximise your time on the other two movements
Power cleans are designed to be touch & go
They should take you no longer than a minute
If they are, drop the weight back
Only go Rx+ if you think you can touch & go that weight and complete inside a minute
Box Jumps can be jump up & step down or rebound if you are good at them
Stand up tall on the box to complete each rep
Aim for 20+ reps per round


author: Scotty


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