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Tue 31/10/17 : Family friendly Canberra gym

By Scotty 0

At CrossFit SFS we have creche 6 days a week for the kids so parents can always get that 1 hour off a day to relax & train and get yourself into shape!

Come and check us out anytime, we also run kids classes Mon & Wed afternoon’s…

Lifting – 12 mins (wk 3 of 4)
1 Power Clean + 4 Front Squat + 1 jerk of choice
@ 78% of last week or
Build to a heavy in 12 mins (if missed last week)
complex every 2 mins = 6 sets

Conditioning :
OHS 50/35kg
KBS 24/16kg

Accessory: 2-3 rounds
Three sets of:
L-Seated Dumbbell Press x 8 reps @ 2111
Rest 60 seconds
100-Meter Suitcase Carry + Waiter’s Carry
(hold a heavy DB or KB at side in suitcase carry, and a lighter DB/KB overhead in waiter’s carry; switch arms at 50-meters)
Rest 60 seconds

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