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Thurs 22/11 : Well done CrossFit SFS members

By Scotty 0

A shoutout to two of our awesome members here at CrossFit SFS in Canberra, in Patty & Carrin for making the National Final of the Aussie Throwdown.

They will be heading off to Melbourne in the coming weeks to take on some of Aust best, good luck guy’s.

CrossFit SFS workout of the day

Warm Up
3 rounds of:
30 sec Row
5 x Walking Lunge-Burpee*
5 x Inchworm-Broad Jump**
*For walking Lunge-burpee, do 1 lunge forwards on each leg, then drop into a burpee (so each round of 5 will include 10 lunges and 5 Burpees)
**For inchworm broad jump, do an inchworm out (no push up), walk your feet back to your hands so that you are travelling forward, then broad jump forward as far as you can

With an empty barbell:
10 x Deadlifts
5 x Hang Clean Pull (Shoulders only)
3 x Muscle Cleans from each of the 3 positions
3 x Power Cleans from each of the 3 positions
1 x 3-Position power clean (performed as the complex)
3-4 x warm up sets of complex up to your opening weight

Strength/ Skill (15-30 mins):
5 sets:
3-Position Hang Power Clean

Each set includes 1 Hang Power Clean from above knee, 1 Hang Power Clean from below knee and 1 Hang Power Clean from Hover position (just above the floor)

Our strength work today has a very big technique focus over everything else
Only increase weight if you are moving perfectly
Each set includes 3 reps of Hang Power clean, all starting from different points on the body
1 rep from above the knee, 1 rep from below the knee and 1 rep from just above the floor
Hang onto all 3 reps for the set to count
Make sure you are finishing by catching with your feet on a quarter squat and your elbows high. Anything other than this means your technique is failing and you should lighten the load

WOD (35-50 mins):
6 rounds for time:
10 Clean & Jerks (60/40kg)
10 Toes-to-Bar

Time cap: 15 mins

Scaling Options:
Clean & Jerk: Reduce weight
T2B: Reduce reps to 5 per round, hanging knee raises, V-Ups or sit-ups (15 per round)

The workout today is designed to be a grind, yet fast
You can either touch & go or do singles for the C&J
The weight you choose should be something you could touch & go for 10 reps if you needed to
Scale the T2B to maintain intensity in the workout
Eg. Reduce volume to 5 reps if you know they will dramatically slow you down
You should be spending close to even time on each part of the workout, not spending minutes on end trying to get through 10 T2B

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