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Thurs 21/12/17 : Canberra GYM offering FREE fitness

By Scotty 0

For the rest of December you (and ANYONE, new to CrossFit SFS) can come and train for FREE here at CrossFit SFS, Canberra Gym. (just mention this post, but you must show ID and be a local)!!

It doesn’t take much to keep the Xmas cheer off!!

If you are training just keep moving over the coming weeks (back it off and enjoy a break), but keep getting some exercise in will make a HUGE difference (up to 3-5kg).

Then life will be so much easier in Jan when you get back into full swing.

from next week I will post a FREE workout for you to do for those that are away or can’t take us up on our offer of FREE training.

Stay Tuned!

CrossFit SFS workout of the Day:

Warm up
3 min run
2 rounds
10 scap pull ups
10 scap push up
15 sec HSPU hold

Lifting/Strength – 12 mins (wk 2of 4)
Deads (goal is each set heavier than last week)

Conditioning: 3 rounds
10 TTB
15 power snatch 35/25kg
30 DU (90 single singles)

3 rounds
20 plank taps
20 GHD or ab mat sit ups

Xmas Timetable

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