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Thurs 17/1 : ‘Murph’ Challenge 2019

By Scotty 0

Many people have been asking what is the ‘Murph’ Challenge, several of us here are doing!

Starting Mon 27th March a group of us (growing everyday & now worldwide) will be doing Murph in some way everyday for 30 days.

Cause : to raise funds for a variety of charities, with the main one being The Terry Campese Foundation, but also Black Dog Institute & Leukemia Foundation

I have been given the opportunity to mentor and work with a dozen disenfranchised youth of Queanbeyan with Terry and the NSW Police Force, over the next 20 weeks, with 8 youths to be selected for myself, Terry & several others to take and walk the Kokoda Trail later in the year. The work is all voluntary and our goal is to pay for the trek for all the youth.

Any donation, support would be greatly appreciated :


Warm Up (5-15 mins):
300m run into
3 rounds of:
10 x Kipping Swings
10m Duckwalk
10 x Slow Shoulder Taps in Plank position
10 x Goblet Squats with KB or DB

Strength/ Skill (15-30 mins):
Back Squat
6 x 4

WOD (35-55 mins):
3 x AMRAP 5 mins:
25 Burpees
25 Toes-to-Bar
25 Sit-ups

Rest 3 mins between each AMRAP. Continue from where you finished in the last interval.

Scaling Options:
Burpee: Kickback burpee, step down & step up burpee
T2B: Reduce reps to 20, 15 or 10, hanging knee raises, v-ups, sit-ups
HSPU: Reduce reps to 20, 15 or 10, reduce ROM (abmat), box pike HSPU, DB Press or Push Press

author: Scotty


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