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Thurs 11/1/18 – Canberra Kid’s getting fit

By Scotty 0

Here at CrossFit SFS we had day 1 of our Kid Fit School Holiday program, and it was amazing..

Kylie & I had an absolute blast with the little ones, and we can’t wait to get the teens going tomorrow!!

Still not too late to register your kids to join the fun : click here

animal-pack kids-hanging-around kids-fitness-SFS-canberra big-kids

SFS Workout of the Day

Warm up
3 rounds
2 lap shuttle of shed
10 banded deads
10 1 arm KB press + lunge (5 ea side)
10 banded pull aparts

Lifting – 12 mins (wk 4/4)
4 x 12 @ 75%
*goal is to be at weight of the set of 8 last week*

Conditioning: 3 x 5 mins WOD’s
5min AMRAP
30 DU (60 singles)
9 Power Snatch 45/30kg
2 min rest then into
5 min AMRAP
5 Hang Squat Snatch 45/30kg
30 DU (60 singles)
2 min rest then into
5 min AMRAP
11 burpees over the bar
30 DU (60 singles)
*goal of each of these is to do each set of lifts unbroken, the focus is to be close to redlining without toppling over and having to stop for an extended period of time, find the threshold your body can maintain

Core: 2 rounds
10 GHD (scale to half top only)
20 Side plank left on hand
Side plank right on hand
15 Hip raises

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