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The Open here at CrossFit SFS

By Scotty 0

Over the next 3 weeks there will be a few changes whilst we work through the CrossFit Open’s.

We have quite a few people that have registered which is AWESOME! It is going to be great fun and a great way to test yourself against yourself.

You will be amazed how different your life will be once you have done The Open! There is still time to register:

Click Here : Games.CrossFit.com

So for the next 3 weeks here are you Options to complete the WOD:

Option 1:
Friday arvo: 5pm class until done

Option 2: (would love most of you here to create an awesome energy)
Super Saturday from 8am until done

Option 3:
Monday during your usual class time, as needed (see Scott, Dez or Juan)
*please note members that we will need to accomodate and move around those that are doing the Open in the classes.

** We will ALL BE JUDGING and we will ALL GET judged for each workout over the next three weeks, you can see all the rules etc on the games site!

Team, if you are sitting on the fence about, you have got nothing to lose (but plenty to gain) by just registering and having some fun with all the other members that have registered.

It is just you against you!!!

The SFS Team

author: Scotty


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