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Tues 24/4/18 : Strive 45 HIIT in Canberra Gym

Well it is go time. We are pleased to announce the new Strive 45 HIIT class will officially launch here in Canberra, Mon 30th April, inside the walls of CrossFit SFS, Hume, Canberra. Come on down anytime and have a look around at our 1280m2 purpose build facility. CrossFit SFS workout of the day: SF...


Wed 22/2/17 – SFS Challenge Crew Canberra

Well we have a stack of people here at CrossFit SFS on the 45 day challenge with The Chief Life, really looking forward to seeing everyone over the coming weeks and how it all plays out for each of you. Remember we are only giving some stuff up for a short period of time, then we can look at introdu...