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Fri 5/7 :

CrossFit SFS workout of the day Warm Up (5-15 mins): 3 rounds: 10 x Good Mornings (empty barbell) 10 x Sit-ups 5 x Kang Squats (empty barbel) 10 x Shoulder Taps in top of Push-up 10 x Bent Over Rows (empty barbell) 5 x V-ups Then; 2 rounds: 10 Single Leg Deadlifts (5 per leg, no weight) 10 Single Le...


New program coming up @ SFS

We are almost there! This is the final week of the Open. It has been amazing to watch 40 odd members tackle the Open every week and I am super proud of everyone’s effort. Enjoy this last week of it, then if you have completed the Open, look at taking it easy this week and then it’s back into t...


Wed 11/10/17 – Kids Ninja Training Canberra

Day 1 of the Kids Ninja training course here in Canberra at CrossFit SFS was a HUGE hit.. Had an awesome time and the kids did an amazing job. Want your kids involved?? Hit us up we still have 2 spots left on Mon & Wed each. Warm up 3 rounds 3 laps shep 10 ea OH KB lunges (1 bell only) 5 ea KB w...