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Super Saturday

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CrossFit SFS – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

(5-15 mins):

3 rounds:

Easy/moderate/hard 200m Jog (increase intensity each round)

10 x Step Ups (no weight)

10 x Sit-ups (no weight)

10 x Kipping Swings

5 x Burpees


Metcon (Time)

For time:

Run 1.6km

90 Weighted Step Ups (1 DB 22.5/15kg)

60 Weighted Sit-ups (1 DB 22.5/15kg)

30 Muscle Ups

Run 1.6km

You must start and finish the workout with a 1.6km run, but you can break up the reps of step ups, sit-ups and muscle ups however you like

Time cap: 40 minutes

Scaling Options:

Run: reduce distance (120m Century Batteries & turn aroundm 800m Alpha Fresh Driveway & Turnaround), Row 1800/1600m or Assault Bike 3200/2800m

Weighted Step Ups; reduce weight, no weight , reduce height

Weighted Sit-ups: reduce weight, no weight

Muscle Ups: reduce reps, bar muscle ups, banded/jumping muscle ups, strict pull-ups – MOST PEOPLE HERE or burpee pull-ups/bar touch
Our final workout for this week is a Murph style workout

We are going to start and end the workout with a 1 mile run, but the reps in the middle you can break up however you like

Your run pace should be moderately hard for the first round. Don’t make it easy, but save a little in the tank so that you can get straight to work on the other movements

Your last run should ideally be a harder effort than your first. If you are absolutely crushed at this point, it is a mental test to simply keep pushing until the very end

For the weighted step ups, use a single DB only. You can hold the DB wherever you like eg. on a shoulder, between your hands etc.

Perform 45 step ups on each leg for a total of 90 reps

For the weighted sit up, use the same dumbbell and hug it on your chest. AbMats are optional for this movement, but the ROM remains the same. Shoulders to the floor and then sit all the way up tall to finish each rep

There are a lot of muscle ups in this workout and you can scale them in a number of ways: reduce the total reps, bar muscle ups, banded/jumping muscle ups, strict pull-ups or burpee pull-ups are all suitable options

Try to plan your reps around the muscle ups. As an example: if you know you can 2 at a time for example, you could look to do 15 rounds of: 6 Step Ups, 4 Sit-ups and 2 Muscle Ups. This would likely be the most effective method for you.

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