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Super Saturday

By Scotty 0

CrossFit SFS – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 rounds in pairs

P1: 300m run

P2: 5 ea DB snatch

5 ea DB press

10 air squats

10 x 1/2 KBS

Metcon (Time)


In Pairs

800m Partner run buy in


10 mins to find

1 x clean pull + power clean + squat clean

**1 bar only between 2 people**


10 Rounds (round for round – 5 rounds each)

6 Devils Press @22.5/15

9 STOH @22.5/15

12 Pistols

into 800m Partner run buy out

Scaling Options:

– Those who struggle to squat clean due to mobility or movement issue can adjust this to a front squat to get stronger in the position

– Devils press : light DB or a single dumbbell alternating sides

– STOH : lighter dumbbell but try to keep the same weight as Devils press

– Pistols: heel elevated pistol, weighted pistol for counter balance or a pistol to a box with a LIGHT touch

– For anyone that will struggle with the run distance this can be adjusted to something under 5 min.
– For our WOD today we’ve got a spicy pairs workout.

– 800m run as a buy in and buy out, looking to run together.

– Then into 10 Rounds going round for round, this is going to allow us to keep our speed high whilst avoiding blowing up.

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