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Strive 45 – Thurs 5th

By Scotty 0

CrossFit SFS – Strive 45


200m run

in your teams:

x 2

P1. 5 x box jumps

P2. 5 x Hrpu

P3. 5 x BTS


find a rope and test run how you will approach the run

Metcon (No Measure)

In teams of 3!!

A) One person working at a time while the other 2 rest/wait … you have 5 sets each:

15/10 cal bike (this exercise might change due to CrossFit class but I will see how we go equipment wise don’t stress!!)

10 x box jump overs

8 x BTS

– Each time through is a sprint effort, try and max out each time your turn is up

B) Rope run 200m + 8 synchro burpee over rope

x 4

Finish on:

C) 1000m on ski- after each effort you have 5 x push up … the catch is one person works at a time with only 15 strokes per attempt on the ski — ANOTHER SPRINT EFFORT STATION !!
Team work makes the dream work! in groups of 3 you will cycle through 3 stations which are focused on high intensity cardio effrots. Really give each round 100% as the objective is to see how quick you can excel through the workload.

Push one another and encouage your team mates right till the end as its meant to be painful both physcially and mentally! Have fun

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