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Strive 45 – Thurs 28th

By Scotty 0

CrossFit SFS – Strive 45


60 sec cardio

Then with coach + PV / KB:

5 x pause air squats

5 x pause KB squat

5 x front squat with stick

Stretch out hip flexor

5 x single arm press (each side)

5 x Push press with stick

In groups: x 1 rotation for workout prep

P1. empty barbell on coach cue (rotate on my call)

P2. 6 x controlled push up

P3. Stretch out anything you need

Metcon (No Measure)

(25 min cap)

In groups of 3:

Goal is to hit 2000m on the Row before you move to next station.


– P1. Row (1500m shared)

– P2. Workload

6 x barbell front squat

6x barbell push press

8 x burpee over barbell

– P3. Plank hold

*you switch positions once P2. completes work load*

If your team hits 2000m on the row then…

B) Each member holds a heavy d-ball on shoulder and walks 300m

when you return =

30 synchro

Plate Russian twist

Plate clean and press

1 min plate front hold

Plate Russian twist

Plate clean and press
The goal of today is to work as a team to achieve 2000m on the row as quick as possible. While each member is working throughout each station the person who is on the barbell workload will dictate when you all transition.

Aim to maintain overall correct technique on the barbell, full depth in the squat with high elbows and dip + drive in the push press for hip extension and power.

Scalling options:

Barbell: can use Db’s if any wrist issues

Front squats: Load, tool or back squat

Push press: Load or tool

Barbell burpee: Step over bar, on the spot or to a target

author: Scotty


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