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Strive 45 – Mon 2nd

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CrossFit SFS – Strive 45


30 sec mod 30 sec fast on cardio

2 rounds of:

7 x Kb deadlifts

7 x Single arm Kb swing (each arm)

30 sec superman hold

Then 1 round:

5 x D-ball deadlift + shrug

5 x D-ball over shoulder

20 sec over head hold

Metcon (No Measure)

Station 1.

3 rounds:

100x skips

Ball over shoulder – cone to cone

200m Overhead ball carry

Rest 90 sec

Station 2.

3 rounds:

10 x ball to shoulder

10 x burpee over ball

Rest 90 sec

Station 3.

200x skips

* Each time you stop or make an error = 10 sec worth of plank… EG. you break 3 times within the 200x skips = 30 sec plank hold once you have completed the task.
Today we have a strong man styled workout with the main two tools used are a heavy D-ball and a skipping rope. Awesome full body movements that hold a combination of deadlifts and cleans under a decent amount of load.

Working on the technique of full hip extension on both the ball over shoulder and ball to shoulder. A lot of sweat and mental power will be present SO HAVE FUN TEAM!!

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