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Strive 45 – mon 25th

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CrossFit SFS – Strive 45


300m row


5 x ball deadlifts

5x ball deadlift shrug

5 x ball to shoulder

8 x DB snatch

5 x V ups

Metcon (No Measure)

Part A) 4 rounds – 15 min caps

400m Row

20 x Alt Db snatch

15 x sit ups

Rest 2 min (all together)

Part B) 5 min cap

20/30 cal bike

remainder time into amrap:

6 x Ball to shoulder

10 x V up’s

Part C)

Cool down:

Option of stretch or core accessories
Part A)

Objective: To complete 4 rounds of the following in the time cap of 15 min, if you finish before time you get remainder as rest. If you still haven finished before 15 you will stop and rest 2 min as team.

Row: Look to achieve 400m by 2min

DB snatch: Alt each rep

Sit ups: Keep hips on floor and feet together

Part B:

Buy in on the bike, aim to be working for 2 min MAX on the bike

Amrap remainder of time, aim to pace yourself on the amrap after a single effort on the bike with a 5 min tie cap

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