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Strive 45 – Fri 29th

By Scotty 0

CrossFit SFS – Strive 45


Run 200m

30 x Calve press to floor

8 x lunge and rotate

8 x Dead bug

5 x Controlled squat

5 x Controlled push up

Hip flexor mobility with Dez

Metcon (No Measure)

400m run

5 rounds:

5 x Push up

10 x Air squat

15 x Weight crunches


400m run

5 rounds:

5 x Band pull a part

10 x Lunges

15 x Tucks

Then finish…

60 sec max cal cardio bike – one effort only
Todays conditioning piece is based on continuous effort, finding a pace you can maintain and hang onto for the entire workout.

All fairly body weight movements, which means quick transitions.

Aim to hit 400m in 1.30-2.00 minutes and chip away at each round looking at roughly 1 round a minute.

Scaling options:

Run: 300m or 200m, row 400m

Push ups: On box or to an object

Air squat: To an object for depth

Lunges: Step ups

author: Scotty


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