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SFS Monday

By Scotty 0

CrossFit SFS – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 mins choice of cardio

2 rounds @ light

6 KB Power Cleans

6 KB Rack squats

6 Push press

1 lap overhead KB carry

warm up with bar to weight


Clean and Jerk (3’s & 2’s)

15 – 30 mins

Every .90 sec

3 x 3


3 x 2

Starting our strength work this week with some Clean & Jerks

We have done some hang work and some power work so far on this movement and today we are going to go a full squat clean & jerk

3 sets of 3 and 3 sets of 2 today, try to build up a little heavier each set

Drop & reset between reps, these are not touch & go

Go as heavy as you can with respect to near perfect form. Each rep should look almost identical in any given set

**not to exceed 80% 1rm**

record heaviest set of 2


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

(35-50 mins):

For time:


Power Clean (50/35kg)

Thruster (50/35kg)

max lateral burpees over bar in time remaining

Time cap: 12 minutes

Scaling Options:

Power Clean: reduce weight, from hang, use dumbbells

Thruster: reduce weight, use dumbbells
Our first workout for this week is a spicy weightlifting couplet

Whenever you see 21-15-9 you know that the intention is to go hard and fast

Try to do some touch & go sets on the power cleans if possible, but you can go quick singles if needed.

Descending reps work well in these sorts of workouts or even sets if you can maintain a short rest. Some examples are 8/7/6 for descending reps or 7-7-7 for the same across. The important thing is that you are managing your rest and not letting it blow out.

Breathe at the top of each thruster with the barbell overhead. This is when your lungs are most open and receptive to taking in air.

Make sure you choose a weight that allows you to maintain a decent level of intensity. It needs to be the same for both movements.

There is a 12 min time cap today but you should be aiming to finish this workout in 10 mins, then go all out on the burpees for that top score…

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