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Sat 9/2: Strive 45 Canberra

By Scotty 0

At CrossFit SFS we don’t just run CrossFit classes. We also run our new and very popular : Strive 45 HIIT class 6 days a week.

If you are looking to progress from your current 45 min program you might be doing and learn how to lift weights safely & efficiently, whilst still getting in a great workout, then we have the program for you!

Here at Strive we don’t dance & jump around like many other programs, we move real weight!

We have a FREE week for anyone to come and try it out, just let us know?

Super Saturday

Warm Up
In your teams of 3:
Partner 1: Row 30 sec @ easy pace
Partner 2: Hold Handstand for 30 sec
Partner 3: 10 Box Step Ups (no weight)
Rotate through until you have done each station
Partner 1: Row 30 sec @ moderate pace
Partner 2: 2-3 x Wall Climbs
Partner 3: 8 x Step Ups with 1 DB
Rotate through until you have done each station
Partner 1: Row 30 sec @ hard pace
Partner 2: 3-5 HSPU
Partner 3: 4-6 x DB Step Overs with both DB’s
Rotate through until you have done each station

PARTNER WOD (20-50 mins):
In teams of 3:
Row 5,000m
150 HSPU
150 DB Box Step Overs (22.5/15kg)

Scaling Options:
Row: Assault Bike 300 cals
HSPU: Box pike HSPU, DB Press or Push Press
DB Box Step Over: reduce box height, reduce DB weight

  • Team of 3 workout to close out the week
  • The workout is for time, with all partners working at the same time to complete the work
  • One partner starts on the row, one on the HSPU and one on the DB Box Step Overs
  • You can break up the row distance as little or as much as you like, and the same goes for the reps on HSPU & step overs
  • Only rule: everybody has to do at least 20% of the reps on each station (30 reps & 1000m)
  • If you finish the HSPU & Step overs before the row, you can all help contribute to finishing the row at the end (and vice versa)
  • Scale to make the movements accessible for you, but don’t make them too easy, each team member should be giving equal output based on their ability
  • You don’t have to scale if your partner is scaling. Accumulate reps the same way, with your scaling or rx’d option
  • Once all of the work is complete, the time stops

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