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Public Holiday in Canberra

By Scotty 0

Just the one session today for the Public Holiday.

Please note there will be No creche today (or any public holiday)


Welcome to Boxing Day Canberra people!

We are hitting a longer EMOM style workout today called “The After Burner”

It is called the After Burner as it is designed to help pull you out of that post Christmas calorie slump

It is a long workout but is designed to be completed at a pace you are comfortable with

Depending on what intensity you go at, this workout can be as hard or as easy as you wish

We will work in teams if needed, starting on different stations

On the row, make sure you are hopping off at the 50-55 sec mark to allow for someone else coming on behind you

You can make Cindy as hard or as easy as you wish: make it easier by scaling the reps back or scaling the movements if needed. Make it harder by upscaling the movements eg. C2B or strict pull-ups or by increasing the reps eg 6/12/18

If you cannot run 200m in under a minute and you spill into the rest minute slightly, this is ok, but scale the distance if needed

Workout of the Day

Warm-up (5-20 mins):
3 rounds:
Easy 60 sec row
10 x Kipping Swings
5 x Inchworm Push-ups
10 x Air Squats
Easy 200m Jog BETWEEN rounds (only 2 runs, 3 rounds of everything else)

METCON (15-55 mins):
“The After Burner”

EMOM x 40 minutes:
Min 1: Row (cals) – .50 sec max
Min 2: 1 round of Cindy
Min 3: Run 200m
Min 4: Rest
Score = max cals on rower

author: Scotty


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