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New training Block @ CrossFit SFS Hume Tuggeranong

By Scotty 0

If like me and you are done with the amazing 2016 CrossFit Opens, it is time to move on and switch gears!!

YES that is right it is time to dig down get our skills on point, get technically better, get stronger and have a little break from the big volume of conditioning that has been in place for the last few months!!

To find out more I have put a post under news on the blog if you want to know more, otherwse I will back on deck Mon 11th April and am more than happy to talk the direction and purpose of CrossFit SFS in going forward!

Well done to you all over the last 5 weeks, it has been an amazing journey with you all and we have smashed through some barriers I think you will ALL agree!!

So over the next 12 weeks here are the following things that will be our main focus:

1. Skills (all things gymnastics): we will break the movements down (some of you will be going back to scratch) and work on our technique & efficiency

2. Strength: I think you can all agree we need to work on getting just that little bit stronger (with amazing technique of course)

3. Weightlifting: plenty of skills & drills coming up and we will be adding some NEW exciting lifting classes to the timetable!!

NOW is a good time to introduce you to the people that are going to work with me and get us all up be respectable lifters… It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our new coaches in Kylie & Gerard.. some of you may have seen them around lately and yes you will be seeing more of them from the 11th April. I have bought CrossFit Base in Tuggeranong off Kylie and we will be officially merging into one from Monday 11th.

These two amazing coaches bring a wealth of experience and knowledge and cannot wait to have them working with us in the coming months!!

4. We will still 2-3 sessions a week were the Conditioning will be the priority, but it will obviously take a bit of a back seat.

Also you will notice I am going to start writing Level 1 and Level 2 with some of the work, where you can choose what level you want to run at, if there is nothing there then you all do the same work. I am going to trial and see how it goes for a little while and see how it goes, but it gives you a few options with your training and where you are at that point in time with your training

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