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New Training Block at CrossFit SFS Canberra

By Scotty 0

What a great eight weeks it has been gang, with the culmination of some fantastic results in the testing over the last week!

We have had a big focus on strength development, with Back Squat, Deadlift & Bench Press leading the way, and you all absolutely killed it.

Deload week coming up this week here at CrossFit SFS and then we will start the new training block on Monday 19/8/19.

Here is a bit of a rundown :

The next cycle will coincide with the Open running in October and will be a 3 day per week cycle, covering the majority of the major lifts we perform and could expect to see in the Open.

The Cycle will commence on Monday 19/8/2019 and, ending on 23/11/2019.

The cycle consists of 12 working weeks which includes the CrossFit Open.

As a guide, this is the first 3 weeks of the cycle:

Week 1:
Back Squat

Week 2:
Front Squat

Week 3:
Overhead Squat
Bench Press & Weighted Pull-up

This is what the cycle will look like for 12 weeks, with the reps and sets changing (but slowly adding reps/volume) as we progress through the cycle.

Expect to see some higher volume barbell cycling as we get closer to The Open, but I still want you to push, and work hard on building your strength through this next block.

A recent study published by the Journal of Applied Physiology suggests that how many reps you do or how much you lift has little impact on your strength gains and muscle growth. What does actually matter? Effort and focus on using the correct muscles for the lift!

“The main thing, when it comes to weightlifting, is consistency and challenging yourself,” says Pete McCall, M.S., adjunct faculty in Exercise Science at Mesa College. To stimulate muscle growth, your body must regularly experience a level of stress that’s higher than what it’s used to.

Think of this as 4 x 3 week blocks, where we hit each of these lifts once. This will be supplemented with the work we are doing in the metcons throughout this cycle (Please note that the order will change week to week, eg. you won’t always squat first that week etc.)

The reason we are only doing 3 lifting days is to allow for more conditioning leading into the Open and to allow for extra recovery during the open.

If you have been a little inconsistent with your training then now is the time to make it a priority and get in and get to work.

For those that are not interested in The Open, not a worry at all, I realise it is not for everyone! Yes I program in a season type structure, but I carefully structure the sessions so that it is for EVERYONE no matter what your goal is.

Please remember it is about YOU, and I want you to think why you are training here at CrossFit SFS, and obviously do not be afraid to talk to myself or the coaches for any scaling options that you may.

Number 1 thing – we are training for long term health, wellness, and having fun training wit like minded people in our amazing little community.

Looking forward to the weeks ahead.

author: Scotty


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