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New program coming up @ SFS

By Scotty 0

We are almost there! This is the final week of the Open.

It has been amazing to watch 40 odd members tackle the Open every week and I am super proud of everyone’s effort.

Enjoy this last week of it, then if you have completed the Open, look at taking it easy this week and then it’s back into the normal grind.

We will be starting a new strength cycle this week in our programming. This cycle will focus primarily on the Olympic lifts and Muscle Ups.

So that you are well informed of what’s to come, this is the basics of the program:

  • Program duration: 10 weeks
  • 3 lifting days per week with shorter, hard conditioning efforts
  • 2 longer effort conditioning days
  • Lifting will generally be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Tuesday & Saturday will generally be our longer effort conditioning days
  • Friday’s will be saved for Muscle Up work and a short-medium high intensity workout

Also I will be introducing a few different tracks to choose from & also the accessories will be making a come back.

What this means is that there will be two options some days for the workout based on what you want with your training:
1. harder & heavier for those that are looking at competing in some more events this year
2. more of a general structure (lighter loads & options) with a focus on health & fitness for those wishing to just come in and get a workout done.

With the accessory work, it will not be compulsory, but they will need to be either done:

  1. after the class
  2. at a different part of the day

In the next 10 week block, there are 2 Deload weeks in this 10 week cycle. The first is at week 5 and the second is at week 9. Week 10 will be a testing week.

Common movements and themes in this cycle include: Power + full snatches & cleans, overhead/ front Squats, push Press/ Split Jerk and For Muscle Ups: Weighted pull-ups & Dips and skill acquisition drills.

The deload weeks will still be challenging but will move into doing some more traditional strength work to provide some variety and adaptation time. These will be welcomed as the formatting can be a little repetitive at times in this cycle, a necessary feature to maximise results.

Looking forward to moving ahead and getting back into some steady work, and if you have any further questions, feel free to email us.

author: Scotty


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