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Mon 5/11/18 : Thank You everyone

By Scotty 0

From all of us here at CrossFit SFS, we just want to say a huge thank you to everyone.

In short, thank you to all the sponsors that came on board, thank you to all the members that came and helped out in anyway, and of course thank you to all of the athletes that came and threw down over the last few days!!

It was huge and one of the best to date. Having you all here and a few world CrossFit Games athletes competing was amazing to see.

Congratulations to :


SFS Workout of the Day

Warm Up

3 rounds of:
10 sec easy Assault Bike
10 sec SPRINT Assault Bike
10 slow perfect Air Squats
10 Band Pull Aparts
10 Broomstick or Band Passthrough


With a broomstick or barbell:
3 x snatch grip Deadlift
3 x snatch pull (shoulders only)
3 x snatch high pull (shoulders + high elbows)
3 x muscle snatch
5 x pause overhead squats (3 sec in bottom)
5 x power snatch
5 x overhead squats (no pause)
5 x squat snatch
3 x today’s complex (1 power + 1 OHS + 1 snatch)

Lifting (15-30 mins)
10 sets:
1 Power Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat + 1 Squat Snatch

Rest exactly 1 min between sets

Today is about perfecting different areas in the snatch movement
Choose weights based around your weakest lift out of the 3. Try to make that part of the complex challenging, but achievable with close to perfect form
You do not need to hold onto the bar after the overhead squat, you can drop and reset for the squat snatch
Rest exactly 1 min after your lift
Build up to a heavy weight for the day, or hold a challenging weight across all sets
As always, let form dictate weight, do not let weight dictate form

WOD (35-50 mins)
AMRAP 10 mins:
2 DB snatches (left arm)
2 DB snatches (right arm)
1 Muscle Up
4 DB snatches (left arm)
4 DB snatches (right arm)
2 Muscle Ups
6 DB snatches (left arm)
6 DB snatches (right arm)
3 Muscle Ups

Continue in this fashion until time elapses.

Men use 22.5kg
Women use 15kg

Scaling Options:
DB snatch: reduce weight, work from hang/raised position
Muscle up: jumping MU, banded MU, Bar MU, burpee C2B pull-ups, burpee pull-ups, burpee jumping pull-ups

author: Scotty


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