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Mon 31/10/16 – Strive Weightlifters kill it at Comm Champs

By Scotty 0

Amazing effort by two Strive Weightlifters Canberra in Kylie Lindbeck & Phillipa Woonton doing an amazing job at the 2016 Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships over the weekend.

Kylie took home a silver medal with 93 | 106kg Total = 199kg
Pip with 76 | 96kg total = 172kg

Great work girls the team here at Strive Weightlifting & CrossFit SFS are proud of you girls!! pip kylieandpip kylie kyliesilver

CrossFit SFS WOD

A) Snatch balance for 7mins
sets of 2-5 with no weight goal.
*think fast, drop under the bar and work hard at catching the bar
towards the end of your squat

B) 4 x 8 back squat @ 70/75/80/85%
**10 or so time limit
THEN (7mins)
Perform 1 back squat every 30seconds for 7min at 85%

Metcon (Time)
5 Rounds
10 Deadlift 100/75kg
10 Power Snatch 40/30kg
10 Strict HSPU
10 Power Clean 40/30kg
Deadlift should be unbroken. Power Snatch should not take more than 2 sets. Strict HSPU should not take more than 3 sets either.
*Scale as needed to achieve


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