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Mon 30/7/18 : CrossFit not what you think!

By Scotty 0

We get it!

The world of CrossFit can seem intimidating. It can be easy to think you need to get fit before you start CrossFit.

With the exposure of the sport now on Social Media & ESPN, I can see you think you are not going to fit in unless you have rock-solid abs and can lift twice your own body weight already!

But let us assure you… what you see is not what really happens on a daily basis. You see everyone has to start somewhere (and most here at CrossFit SFS, Canberra start with a broomstick and 6kg medicine ball).

CrossFitters come from all walks of life. They can be accountants, bus drivers and primary school teachers. What they have in common is their goal – to be their best self.

So I encourage you find a CrossFit box (make sure it is a good fit you, not all facilities are the same), and head on out to try it!

Here at CrossFit SFS, to ensure you starting journey is heading in the right direction, you will work with one of our amazing coaches who will guide you through the foundations and gradually into the class format, where we will have your assigned coach take you into the class and train with you and guide you along the way, each session until you are confident to come by yourself.

Warm up
500m row
then 2 rounds
10 dish /arch bar
10 step ups
20 mountain climbers

Lifting (clean progression week 6)
Odd: 2 x Hang Squat clean 80%+ (1rm)
Even: 4 – 6 Strict Pull ups (weighted if needed)

Cond: every 2 mins for 12 min
10 TTB (hang knee tucks)
10 C&P 60/40kg (anyway)

Accessory Strength (if time)
3 x 8ea front rack DB/kb step ups 16/12kg
3 x 30 Push ups

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