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Mon 25/9/17 – Canberra Gym Public Holiday FREE class

By Scotty 0

FREE CrossFit Class to anybody that wants to come and check it out at CrossFit SFS, Hume, Canberra

Mon 25th September 9am start, everything can be scaled to suit every individual, so come on out and enjoy a fun little session!!

In teams of 2
30 min cap/AMRAP
12 thrusters 43/30kg
12 ab mat sit ups
200m ea run together
12 power snatch 43/30kg
12 burpee box jumps
200m ea row
12 hang squat cleans
12 SDHP 24/16kg
1 min ea assult bike
12 OHS squats
12 KBS 24/16kg
*1 person does all 12 reps of each exercise, then 2nd person also does 12 reps

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