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Mon 20/8/18 : Canberra Gym doing Workout for Drought

By Scotty 0

In the coming weeks we will be doing a Charity workout here at CrossFit SFS & Strive 45 in Canberra.

The aim of the “workout for drought” is to raise much needed funds to help support Australian farmers during the harshest drought in over 100 years.

This workout will be designed to be challenging yet inclusive of all fitness levels.

The charity organisation to be supported by this initiative will be:

More than Awareness- More Than Awareness is a not-for-profit organisation created to help people, especially in rural areas, improve mental, physical and social wellbeing.

Buy a Bale- Helping support Australia’s rural communities and Aussie farmers.
Providing tangible resources to drought affected communities. Stock feed, Money, & Volunteers.

More info coming soon!!

SFS Workout of the Day:

Warm up
500m row
then 2 rounds
10 KB Suitcase deads
10 ea KB press

Lifting : Strict Press
On the min for 9 mins
Min 1: 5 @ 80%
Min 2: 3 @ 85%
MIn 3: 1 @ 90%

3 rounds
20 cal row
10 Thrusters 43/30kg
2 rounds
40/30 cal assault
40 DB snatch
Score = total time

Accessory Strength (if time)
3 x max strict pull ups / ring rows
3 x 8 ea arm bent over DB row @ heavy

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