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Mon 19/2/18 : Friday Night Lights at Canberra Gym

By Scotty 0

With the Open starting this Friday (don’t forget to register you are doing the workout anyway – ) , we will be doing

‘FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS’ and throwing down whatever Dave Castro throws at us.

We would love as many as possible to come and have a bit of fun & cheer each other on.

Also FREE entry to CrossFit SFS for anyone that wants to come and do the Open workout for the 5 weeks.

CrossFit SFS workout of the day :

Warm up
2 mins row/run/ride
then 2 rounds
8 ea KB press @ light
4 ea KB OHS @ light
c&j warm up with coach

Lifting: EMOM 6
Min 1: 9 power Cleans @ 60/40kg
Min 2: 6 push press 60/40kg

Cond: 6 x 2 AMRAP (18 min total)
12 DB OHS 22.5/15kg
Max burpees over DB
1 min rest

Accessory Work (if time choose 1 part or sep part of day then do all)
5 x 3 : Deadlift @ 5-10kg heavier than last weight
3 x 10 DB row @ heavy

3 x 8: Barbell Bench Press (same weight as last week)
3 x 5: Weighted Strict Pull-Up (heavier weight than last week)
2 x max dead hang on rig, 60sec rest

B. Core – 3 rounds
15 GHD (scale to ½ if new to GHD)
20 box V ups
Max paralette L sit (3 goes)


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