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Mon 16/4/18 : Kat Baker – Regional’s Muscle Tee Pre Sale

By Scotty 0

Hi all,

The awesome Kat Baker (one of our previous members here for at CrossFit SFS for Weightlifting), has made it back to Pacific Regional’s, and Weights and Mates have done up a Muscle Tee to help raise some money and support Kat in her journey to make it to the CrossFit Games.

All profits will go direct to Kat as she preps for another tilt at it.

You can pre order your shirt now (hurry only a limited amount, & Canberra & Sydneypeople, when you order click no shipping and you can collect direct from either myself or Kat : Kat Muscle Tee

SFS Workout of the Day :

Warm up
3 Rounds
10 Cal Bike/Row/Ski
3 Turkish Get Ups Each Side @ Light
10 Deadlifts (start at bar, get heavier ea set)

Lifting: 10 mins
5 x 2 dead (should be around 75% of last week’s)

Heavy pull / hinge pattern, roughly 75% of their 1RM (you may need to go lighter so don’t be alarmed)

The reason to perform this movement is the increased range of motion (ROM). This will increase time under tension, and elongate the amount of time a lifter must work through the bottom end of the movement – which is typically the most challenging or weakest link.

Additionally, it offers the benefit of teaching someone how to really drive out of the bottom half.


2km row time trial

Accessory Strength

Strength (Push/Pull)
4 x 6 BB Inc Bench Press (80% of last week)
4 x 8 ea 1arm DB row


Once done then

NOT FOR TIME (just movement)
3 rounds
10 each arm DB press seated
20 GHD (½ to scale)
30 burpees (fast)

author: Scotty


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